Freight Charges:

Because of the weight of these products the shipping costs can be substantial. To find out what the cost to ship to your location, call us and we will calculate that cost. Or, at your discretion you may arrange the shipping.


  • Well Gravel Sands are produced from round and sub-round moncrystalline industrial quartz.
  • Chemically inert and free of organic contaminates FILTERSIL® will not alter the chemistry of water producing wells, nor distort the analytical results of effluents drawn from monitoring wells.
  • These durable and dense sands are sized to uniformity coefficients of 1.5 or lower for more uniform down hole placement. 

5 gallon pail (50#'s)
$ 94.50 per pail + freight

Pel-Plug TR30  1/4" Coated 

  • A clean, virtually odorless and easy to handle Bentonite pellet which combines the high quality yield of western Bentonite with a biodegradable nonsticking coating.
  • The coating, developed by PDSCo, allows the pellets to be poured through standing water without sticking together, eliminating voids and bridging.
  • Pel-Plug TR30 has the same ability to absorb water and maintain the 8-12 times expansion pattern that has been typical of the regular Pel-Plug Bentonite pellet.
  • Pellets should be allowed to hydrate for at least 2 to 3 hours depending on water quality. 

10/20 50# Bag's
$ 15.00 per bag
+ freight


3/8" Bentonite Chips
$19.95 per 50# bag + freight