Casing centralizers are used to keep pipe in the center of a drilled bore hole. We offer Stainless Steel pipe centralizers which are light duty for centralizing PVC monitoring pipe, and heavy steel type hinged casing centralizers for steel well casing. The stainless steel pipe centralizers will attach to the pipe, and expand out to the bore hole size to keep the pipe centralized in the well. The steel heavy duty centralizers are welded to the casing to support the pipe away from the walls of the bore hole. Dean Bennett Supply is your supplier for casing centralizers to environmental monitoring and water wells. Call Dean Bennett Supply at 800-621-4291 for help selecting the correct items for your well.

NOM         O.D.

2"             2-3/8"            $  43,75

2-1/2"       2-7/8"            $  43,75

3"             3-1/2"            $  43,75

4"             4-1/2"            $  49.50

5"             5-9/16"          $  51.50

6"             6-5/8"            $  57.00

7"             7"                  $  59.00

8"             8-5/8"            $  70.00

9"             9-5/8"            $  74.25 

10"         10-3/4"            $  89.50
11"          11-3/4"           
$  93.25

12"          12-3/4"           $  99.00

13"          13-3/8"           $103.00

 6"           16" OD           $122.00
18"          18-5/8"           

20"          20" OD           $150.00

22"          22" OD           $179.00

​24"          24" OD           $179.00

These all stainless steel centralizers center your monitoring well pipe, screen, or piezometers in the well bore hole. They help stabilize your pipe, eliminating the danger of off-center or wavering well installations. It is real important to maintain a straight well pipe when using a sample bailer or probe. Using centralizers will improve your silica sand pack and bentonite seal installations. Worm gear style centralizers made from stainless steel SAE HD clamps assembled to stainless steel straps make for an easy install. The worm gear allows installation torque values of 90 to 100 inch pounds of torque. The worm gear design requires less room for clearance, and therefore minimizes obstruction allowing better grouting and sand pack placement.Type your paragraph here.

These centralizers feature channel formed steel collar rings with hinges placed within the channel to eliminate hinge damage. All steel construction assures that the hinge will not rupture while casing is being run regardless of hole direction and irregularities and that the centralizer will provide effective centering down hole. Bow springs are made of 1-1/4" x 3/16" #1095 spring steel. The split collars and narrow bow springs provide maximum centralizing of the casing, and minimum obstruction to annular flow. These all steel centralizers and are normally powder blue paint coated; however they can be shipped unpainted bare metal if you prefer. Be sure to specify the hole size when ordering.
Steel casing centralizers are not a Denver stock item. They will be shipped direct from the factory, with actual freight charges added to your cost. Part#250xxxxType your paragraph here.

Stainless Steel Light Duty Monitoring Centralizers

Monitoring WELL centralizers

Steel Casing Hinge-Type Heavy Duty Centralizers

2"     2SSCENT    12" Max.Hole     $  29.50

4"     4SSCENT    16" Max.Hole     $  30.30

​6"     6SSCENT    18" Max.Hole     $  43.05