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$   15.95     2 x 4     K-Packer to slip on to 2-3/8” O.D. pipe and form a seal upto a 4” I.D. pipe KP24
$   34.50     4 x 6     K-Packer to slip on to 4-1/2” O.D. pipe and form a seal upto a 6” I.D. pipe KP46
$   35.25     4 x 6-1/4     K-Packer to slip on to 4-1/2” O.D. pipe and form a seal upto a 6-1/4” I.D. pipe KP4614
$   76.75     6 x 8     K-Packer to slip on to a 6-5/8” O.D. pipe and form a seal upto a 8” I.D. pipe KP68

These rubber K-Packers (Sometimes called Tri-Seals) are designed to slip directly onto the outside of plastic pipe. The three rubber ribs form a seal out to the inside of another larger size of plastic pipe. normally installed above a well screen to make a watertight seal between the smaller size slotted pipe and a larger size plastic solid casing. THESE K-PACKERS ARE AVAILABLE IN AN ALMOST UNLIMITED SIZE RANGE ( from 1-1/4thru 16" ). to order non-stocked sizes you must know the O.D. of the inner pipe and the I.D. OF THE OUTER PIPE.

$   27.50     1 x 2 CG     Special silicon rubber K-Packer to slip on to 1.315” O.D. and seal to a 2” I.D. pipe 12CG
$   27.50     1-1/4 x 2 CG     Special silicon rubber K-Packer to slip on to 1.660” O.D. and seal to a 2” I.D. pipe 1142CG
$   45.75     1 x 4 CG     Special silicon rubber K-Packer to slip on to 1.315” O.D. and seal to a 4” I.D. pipe 14CG
$   45.75     1-1/4 x 4 CG     Special silicon rubber K-Packer to slip on to 1.660” O.D. and seal to a 4” I.D. pipe 1144CG
$   49.00     2 x 4 CG     Special silicon rubber K-Packer to slip on to 2.375” O.D. and seal to a 4” I.D. pipe 24CG

The Type CG Silicon based rubber K-Packers are designed and manufactured for sensitive monitoring hole requirements. The special treated silicon based rubber compound is free of toxic materials and molded in a special section of the manufacturers’  plant to help ensure a clean hole for sampling. The rubber compound has been tested by an independent lab and lab reports are available. These CG Monitor K-Packers are not a Denver stock item and will be shipped direct to you from the factory.


Hole Size

Hole Size

2"         2-3/8"     x     6-1/2 "
3"         3-1/2"     x     6"
4"         4-1/2"     x     8-1/2"

6"         6-5/8"     x     10-1/2"


Monitoring Well formation packers


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Ground Water Monitoring & Environmental Products

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Ground Water Monitoring and Environment Products

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Special "Type BG" Silicone Based Environmental Formation Packers

The formation packer or shale trap is molded to fit snugly over PVC or steel liner casing. A stainless steel adjustable clamp is used to secure the formation packer to the pipe. This all stainless steel clamp is included in the above pricing. The top portion of the cup is funnel shaped which allows it to function equally efficient in a wide range of hole diameters. The special compound rubber is engineered for maximum elasticity which permits the funnel shape to compress into the smaller well bores without creating over-lays or folds in the rubber which could allow leakage or by-pass. It was also developed with a maximum strength characteristic which permits the cup to support above average static heads. The packer may be used for a number of applications such as caving catcher, cement slurry retainer for grout work or as a bad water seal. It can be installed on the liner pipe at the well site as a single sealing unit; however, if extremely bad wall conditions exists in the well, it is advisable to install three or more shale traps on the liner pipe at approximately two foot intervals.

Well drillers use formation packers to seal off between the well casing and the inner pipe in a well.

2"              2-3/8"        x           5"
4"              4-1/2"        x           7"
4-1/2"        5"              x           8"

5"              5-9/16"      x           8"

6"              6-5/8"        x       10-1/2"

8"              8-5/8"        x          14"

10"            10-3/4"      x       16-1/4"
12"            12-3/4"      x          20"

Formation Packers, K-Packers and Shale Traps

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Environmental Monitoring Well Supplies for testing environmental monitoring wells.


Smart Phone Dialable


2 inch and 4 inch Threaded Flush Joint monitoring pipe and screen
1"  2" and  4" PVC Slotted Monitoring Screens
Made by Monoflex

Monoflex 2" & 4" TFJ Monitoring Pipe

Environmental Monitoring Supplies for monitoring for water well contamination.

Monoflex 1/2" through 1 1/2" TFJ Pipe
Environmental Monitoring Manholes
Square Monitoring Manholes
Locking Well Caps & Protectors
Environmental Sampling / Purging
Hand Pump System
Reusable Sampling Bailers
Disposable Sampling Bailers
PVC True Well Screen
Surge Blocks & Filter Sock
Pipe Setting Clamp Pipe Holder
Elevators for Pipe & Casing
Internal Pipe Cutters
Monitoring Pipe Centralizers
Sand Blocker Stainless Steel Well Screens & Drive Points
Rubber K-Packers / Tri-Seals
Green Stuff Thread Compound
Drilling Mud Testing Equipment
Rubber Formation Packers
Wood Cementing Plugs
Cementing Baskets
Rubber Drill Stem Wipers
Baroid Bentonite Tablets
1-1/2" Stainless Pitless Adapters

for windmills, well pumps and sewage pumps

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