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418XA-0900 AM     8" x 12"    Manhole
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418XA-0400 AM  12" x 12"    Manhole
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418XA-1000 AM  18" x 12"    Manhole
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Limited Access Flush Mount Manholes

Standard Features:

+ Large clean-out surface
   around the bolts
+ Locating tab for ease of bolt
+ "Monitoring Well" cast into cover
+ Easy to replace gaskets
   without tools or glue
+ API 615 equilateral triangle cast
​   into cover

Monitoring Well limited
​access ROUND manholes

​These Limited Access Environmental Manholes are offered in 8", 12", and 18" sizes, feature a clearly marked "Monitoring Well" designation which distinguishes them from a standard product fill manhole. These monitoring manholes feature a heavy duty cast iron cover and ring, a fuel resistant gasket to make them watertight, and a heavy galvanized steel skirt to maintain an open area below the lid to work. Two stainless steel bolts are used to secure the lid, limiting access to the monitoring well below. These manholes are traffic rated at 8,000 lbs per tire and conform to H-20 ratings. 

Construction Details:
+ Bolts: Stainless hex head
+ Gasket: Buna-N
+ Cover: Cast iron
+ Ring: Cast iron
+ Skirt: 22 gauge galvanized steel
+ Meets H-20 Loading Requirements