KK2 Pipe Holder 2-1/2" - 4"

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  • All steel construction but light
        weight-only 14 lbs

  • ​Easy to operate, over center
        locking of jaws hen downward pressure
        is applied to lever.
  • K1 allows workers to bring pipe joint up
        to an easy working 
  • Equipped with serrated and
        hardened replaceable jaws.

  • Excellent holding capability with load
        tests over 3500 lbs.

  • Designed to hold pipes 1″ through 2″
        PVC stainless, & 
  • Safety pin to prevent accidental

  • K1 is one of the safest time saving tools
    ​    you will ever own

KK1 Pipe Holder 1" - 2"

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Monitoring Well installation
​pipe holders

  • Main body is constructed of 2″ and
        2 1/2″ 1/4″  wall steel tube
  • ​​Easy to operate, over center locking
        of jaws  when downward  pressure
        is applied to a 19″ long lever handle
  • ​1/2″ Safety pin used to prevent
        accidental unclamping.
  • K2 allows workers to bring pipe or
        drill joint up to and easy working level

  • The tool weights only 30 lbs. and is
        20″ long x 7 1/2" wide.

  • ​Jaws are equipped with 16 carbide
        tipped grippers

  • Excellent holding capability, with load
        tests done over 7,000 lbs.

  • ​Designed to hold pipes 2 1/2″, 3″
     4" PVC. HDPE stainless and 
         galvanized steel.

Pipe Setting Tools for setting submersible water well pumps in a well. The Ranchers Pipe Holder is designed for galvanized steel pipe only. The Ranchers Pipe Holder is ideal for setting or pulling a windmill cylinder pump. The Ranchers Pipe Holder has a 2000 lbs. non shock test load, so be sure not to overload it. 

When setting a pump on PVC drop pipe, we recommend the use of the Pipe Setting Clamp pipe holder which has finer grips in the biting jaws to hold better on PVC pipe without allowing the PVC pipe to squeeze and slip, or become damaged. The Pipe Setting Clamp will hold up to 3500 lbs of non shock load. We offer elevators for controlling lifting and lowering pipe into a well. Economy pipe elevators are metal hinged units that go around the pipe and let the coupling ride on top of it. Chain is used as the lifting connection. We also offer a vise grip designed for holding poly pipe when lowering a pump into a well.Type your paragraph here.


  • An economical answer to holding
        galvanized steel pipe that is either
        being lowered into the well or being lift
        from the well.

  • The catch or clamp has a clamp has
         corrugated cave face which 
        the possibility of pipe 
  • The pipe holder is mounted on a
    substantial 2" thick wood plank base.

KK-3 Pipe holder 5" - 6" PVC & HDPE
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8871 Ranchers Pipe Holder

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  • The heavy duty K3 is designed to
        hold 6″  PVC pipe
  • This clamp can also hold 5″ pipe
        with an additional jaw set.
  • The K3 is very similar to the K2
        which is for pipe sizes 2-1/2"
        through 4″

  • These have been used worldwide
        by environmental drillers pump
        installers,well serviceman and
    well drillers.
  • Main body is constructed of 2″
        and 2 1/2″ 1/4″ wall steel tube

  • Easy to operate, over center locking
    ​    of jaws when downward pressure
        is applied to a 19″ long lever 
  • 1/2″ Safety pin used to prevent
        accidental unclamping

  • K3 allows workers to bring pipe or drill
        joint up to an easy working level
  • The tool weights only 37 lbs. and is
    ​    20″ long x 7 1/2″ wide

  • Jaws are equipped with 20 carbide
        tipped grippers (3/8-16×1/2).
  • Excellent holding capability, with load
    ​    tests done over 
    7,000 lbs
  • Designed to hold 6″ PVC or HDPE pipe.