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3214SLW-6   4" x 6" Manhole
$   45.50          BUY ON-LINE
3216SLW-6   6" x 6" Manhole
$   60.50          BUY ON-LINE

  Standard Features:

  • Buna-N (Nitrile) O-rings to provide
        compression seal
        for cover and for each of the stainless
        steel bolts to fasten cover.

  • Observation Monitoring "Do Not Fill" Triangle
        on every cover

  • Well number log pad on top of cover.
  • Permanent Well Log Pad on inside of cover
    ​    (Except #4's)

  • Each manhole included a steel Allen Hex
    ​    Key

Environmental manholes provide protection for sensitive ground water monitoring wells. Bolt down lids protect the well from tampering.

Well Monitoring Manholes are for small diameter monitoring wells or piezometer installations. These aluminum manholes have a 6" aluminum skirt along with the aluminum lid and ring. The lid is secured with stainless steel socket head cap screws, and have an Allen wrench supplied to remove and install the lid. A watertight compression seal is provided by a Buna N Nitril O-ring. The lids are clearly marked with "Monitoring Well" designation and "Do Not Fill" warning. There is also a well log pad provided for recording well numbering.

Monitoring Well smaller manholes

Smaller Monitoring
Well Manholes