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Locking Well Caps
perfect for monitoring
well applications

6-5/8"            for              6"         Nom. ​Casing
$  60.45            BUY ON-LINE 

​Royer's 2 piece Aluminum locking monitoring well caps are for use in securing above ground protective risers on monitoring well locations. The bottom half of the cap secures to the riser casing with Allen head screws. The top half slides over the bottom flange covering the Allen screws and making them un-accessible. With the top half over the bottom, they can have a padlock installed to secure the well. These locking well caps are not water tight.

NOTE:  These are for monitoring wells. They are not for water wells with a submersible pump installed in the well. These caps do not provide a port for bringing pump wire out through.

Each Cap Features

  • 3 allen set screws to secure ring to the
  • Observation Monitor "Do Not Fill" triangle
        on the cover
  • Permanent Well Log Pad (inside the
        which records Well Depth + Amount
        of casing gallons per minute + Date


4-1/2"            for              4"         Nom. Casing
$  44.45            BUY ON-LINE
6-5/8"            for              6"         Nom. ​Casing
$  60.45            BUY ON-LINE 
8-3/4"            for              8"         Nom. ​Casing
$  77.85            BUY ON-LINE
10-3/4"          for             10"        Nom. Casing
$  94.00            BUY ON-LINE

2-3/8"            for              2"         Nom. Casing
$  19.95             BUY ON-LINE
3-1/2"            for              3"         Nom. Casing
$  23.80             BUY ON-LINE

5-5/8"            for              5"         Nom. Casing
$  39.00             BUY ON-LINE

12-3/4"          for              12"        Nom. Casing
$104.25             BUY ON-LINE