Monitoring Well  surge blocks

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These beveled edge PVC plastic surge blocks are designed to develop your monitor well gravel pack by allowing for a gentle flow of water through the slotted screen. This in and out water flow action settles and sets the gravel pack, thus providing for maximum water flow into the well.


DBS Environmental

a Denver Winpump Company

2"   Standard Surge Block for 2" Sch 40 pipe has a 3/4" female iron pipe
       thread connection for the plunger rod.      
$149.00     BUY ON-LINE
4"   Standard Surge Block for 4" Sch 40 pipe has a   1"  female iron pipe
       thread connection for your plunger rod.    
$ 178.00    BUY ON-LINE
6"   Standard Surge Block for 6" Sch 40 pipe has a 1-1/4" female iron pipe
       thread connection for your plunger rod.   
$ 362.00    BUY ON-LINE