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Monitoring Well  surge blocks

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2"   Standard Surge Block for 2" Sch 40 pipe has a 3/4" female iron pipe
       thread connection for the plunger rod.      
$149.00     BUY ON-LINE
4"   Standard Surge Block for 4" Sch 40 pipe has a   1"  female iron pipe
       thread connection for your plunger rod.    
$ 178.00    BUY ON-LINE
6"   Standard Surge Block for 6" Sch 40 pipe has a 1-1/4" female iron pipe
       thread connection for your plunger rod.   
$ 362.00    BUY ON-LINE

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These beveled edge PVC plastic surge blocks are designed to develop your monitor well gravel pack by allowing for a gentle flow of water through the slotted screen. This in and out water flow action settles and sets the gravel pack, thus providing for maximum water flow into the well.